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The fragrance of this exclusive balsam inspired perfume represents a subtle blend of the oriental and the classic, encapsulating the very essence of an ancient aroma and of the Eternal City of Jerusalem.  
There is a women's and men's fragrance line.  

The plants used to create these essences are picked at dawn to insure peak freshness. All of the essences are created using proprietary techniques and an exclusive formula developed by one of the leading and worldwide know perfumeries together with the company's experts.

These are some of the Herbs that are used in the formula for Essence of Jerusalem.

spartium junceum
contains alkaloids
used in folk medicine

melissa officinalis --
used as a spice and in perfume,
 liqueurs and folk medicine

amygdalus communis --
oil is produced from its seeds
 and used for medicine and seasoning

foeniculum vulgare --
its leaves are used as spice
and the seeds are used in medicine

ceratonia siliqua --
rich in sugar and proteins
and used for food and in medicine

mandragora autumnalis --
used as an anesthetic during
 surgery and is considered an aphrodisiac

ficus carica --
its fruit is used for food
and in folk medicine

olea europaea --
its fruit is used for the production of oil
and is preserved for food

How can this fragrance be described:

It is unlike anything you have ever used. It has a spicy aroma along with the delicacy of flowers, herbs, and ancient oils. 

However, it is most interesting that, when blended together, there is an entirely different aroma that is captivating.  Both the women's and men's fragrances are compelling and magnetic when worn or when the candles are burned in your room. 

parietaria diffusa --
its leaves are used for dressing wounds

pistacia atlantica --
its fruit is eaten and the resin
 was used in folk medicine

salvia hierosolymitana --
its leaves are eaten cooked
 and stuffed with rice

rhammnus alaternus --
its fruit is used for food
and its tree bark for folk medicine

The anointing oil is extremely rare and can be used in both religious and personal ceremonies such as spiritual consecrations, weddings, ordinations, and baptisms in synagogues, churches, and your home.


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