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Ms. Herzog wants to share these wonderful, replenishing fragrances with everyone...
Let your soul take the journey to Jerusalem.

Your order will be handled with the highest integrity and care. No information will be shared with any other party.

Roberta S. Herzog Enterprises, Inc. is one of a very few direct importers of "Essence of Jerusalem" products in the United States. 

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Eau de perfume spray, 100 ml  
Eau de perfume spray, 50 ml  
Eau de perfume spray, 30 ml  
Eau de perfume spray, 9 ml, $49.00 each $




Eau de Toilette spray, 100 ml  $90.00 each $
Eau de Toilette spray, 50 ml  $65.00 each $

Eau de Toilette spray, 30 ml  $50.00 each





Other Products:  


Two Fragranced candles,
9 ml Eau de perfume, $14.50 each
One Fragranced candle, 
5 ml Eau de perfume, $6.00 each
Myrrh & Frankincense Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Myrrh Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Frankincense Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Spikenard Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Lily of the Valley Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Rose of Sharon Anointing Oil, 25.00 each $
Milk & Honey soap, 12.50 each $
Olive Oil soap, 12.50 each $
Dead Sea soap, 12.50 each $
Purchase Order Total (US Dollars)  $
$8.00 shipping on all orders
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